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Fresly Introduces New Streaming News App iNews Photo

iOS and Android Compatible App Delivers Visual, Hand -Curated News Channel 

DETROIT, Mich. – Sept. 25, 2015 –
Fresly LLC, the Detroit-based professional software and mobile app development today launched a new app, iNews Photo, dedicated to delivering curated news in a visually appealing way. iNews Photo allows users to stream global and local news directly on their mobile devices based on individual categories and preferences set by the user and then curated in real-time by a team of former journalists. The app also gives users the ability to stream music from pre-selected channels or personal music from apps such as iHeart Radio, Spotify and iTunes for a full multimedia experience.

The app has been in development and re-design over the past two years and has undergone extensive user experience testing over the last year. It is available as a free service which includes the latest news for each category or in a premium model which grants users access to all the entire Fresly news stream. The application gives the users the ability to stream news to AppleTv, AmazonTv and Google Chromecast.

“Consumers today are being overwhelmed by an endless amount of trivial news from countless sources. iNews Photo solves this problem by giving users customizable, relevant and high quality news content in an incredibly sensory appealing format,” said Mario Mazzardo, chief executive officer and founder of Fresly. “We believe our visual streaming capability, robust local news channel and team of expert content specialists make iNews Photo a truly differentiated offering.”

  • In addition to the traditional browsing with the Gallery and List view, the application offers news streaming in the Mosaic and Play mode.
  • Newsrooms staffed by former journalists in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Italy, Spain and China hand-curate news to ensure articles deliver the best quality news, as well as the most compelling graphic stories. Articles are refreshed every six minutes.
  • Users have the ability to simply add or edit any news channel directly from the app preferences feature and can save articles through Pocket or Readability accounts.
  • Initially iNews Photo has 110 channels across 10 countries in addition to 15 regional channels in the United States.
  • Allows for greater customization users can add categories by adding RSS feeds, and they can receive notifications for news based on specific words, or subject matter.

The app is compatible on all iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free on the
iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Users can obtain the premium version by sharing articles directly from the app on their social media channels, or by purchasing a subscription to the app: one month of service for $1.99, three months of service for $3.99 or one year of service for $9.99.


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