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Bagatelles (2015)

I: Figure And Ground
II: Gliding With Elephant
III: J'adoube
IV: Return To The Hive
V: Precipice
VI: Light Bends

Duration: 24:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/2/3/1; perc.; strings

Museum of False Memories (2013)

I: First We Make Room
II: Particle Shock
III: Apophis In Plaster
IV: Valeurs Personnelles
V: How Fire Begins

Museum Of False Memories was commissioned by Dance Box Theater for performance in 2013. The show, which also included The Cornell Boxes, played to a sold-out audience from October 3-6, 2013 at Joe's Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainier, MD. For a complete description of the performance, please visit the Museum Of False Memories page on their website.

Duration: 20:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/2/3/1; perc.; strings

Oneironauts (2010)

"Oneironaut" means "explorer of dreams." It is used primarily to describe those who practice the art of Lucid Dreaming. A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is fully aware and conscious during sleep, and able to directly influence the shape and direction of the dream. This work was intended to evoke the feeling of such a journey -- the sudden and often fleeting moments of clarity, and the ever-shifting visuals and story components.

While much of the writing is free-form, there are a few concrete thematic elements that are tied to specific images. The piano and harp represent the dreamer, only sometimes aware, attempting to exert influence on the rest of the orchestra. Tremolos in the strings mark the transitions between different dreams, while slowly shifting harmonies in the lowest registers of the winds mimic the deep breathing that comes with sleep.

Duration: 7:30
Instr: 3/3/3/3; 4/3/3/1; perc.; piano; harp; strings

Equilibrium (2007, Revised 2009)

Though at first glance, Equilibrium may appear to be a piano concerto, It may be better described as a concerto for orchestra with piano. The line between solo and accompaniment is pushed, blurred, and often simply doesn't exist. The writing is highly chromatic, yet almost always implies common, though shifting, tonal centers. Originally completed in 2007, it was completely revised and re-orchestrated in the Spring of 2009.

Duration: 10:00
Instr: 3/3/3/3; 4;3;3;1; perc.; piano; strings

The Cornell Boxes (2008)
Hotel Eden
Sand Fountain
Soap Bubble Set, 1941
In The Workshop
Balloon Girl (Tilly Losch)
Rose Castle

This orchestral suite was written as an homage to artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell, (1903-1972), and was inspired by an exhibit of his assemblages at the National Gallery of Art in 2007.

Duration: 21:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4;3;3;1; perc.; strings

Summer Music (2007), for Lyn McLain

I wrote Summer Music as a dedication to DC Youth Orchestra Program founder Maestro Lyn McLain to honor his service to the arts and to the community. Many years ago while I was in Program, McLain was a personal inspiration to me, helping me to grow both as a musician and a composer. The title refers to my fond memories of the summer concerts of which I took part.

Duration: 6:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; timp; perc; strings
Premiere: 2007, John McLaughlin Williams, DC Youth Orchestra & Alumni, Kennedy Center, Washington DC

Five Unlikely Visions (2006, Revised 2007)
A Miniature Spectacle
Room in Filtered Light
Suddenly Moths
Dust Ascending

These five short works attempt to capture impressions of hypnagogic images that came to me during long bouts of insomnia. The suite (minus the third movement) was a finalist in the 2006 Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Composition Competition, and was performed twice by that orchestra. The currently posted score is the original 2006 version. The revised version will be uploaded later this summer.

Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4;3;3;1; harp; perc.; strings
Premiere: 2006, Ulysses James, Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic

Vesuvius (2006)
From the Foot
From Sea
From the Mouth

This work was inspired by a visit to Mt. Vesuvius during my honeymoon. The harmonic language represents an attempt to merge the qualities of impressionism and primitivism.

Autumn Concerto (2005)
The Same Tree (for Dorothy)
Leaves Scattering

"Dorothy" of the dedication is my grandmother, Dorothy Ludorf, who passed away as this work was being written. The title "The Same Tree," aside from reminding us that falling leaves do not fundamentally change the nature of a tree, is a personal reminder to myself that a family tree remains unchanged after the passing of a loved one.

Instr: 2/2/2/2; 2 hns, 2 tpts; perc; harp; strings; piano solo

Where Things Will Fall (1995, Revised 2004)

Duration: 3:00
Instr: 2 fl, ob, bass cl.; 3 hns, tba; 2 harps; perc; strings

Epidemic (1994, Revised 2004)

Duration: 2:00
Instr: 2/1/1/2; 2 tpts; timp; perc; strings

View of Mount Fuji from Edo (1992)

Duration: 8:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/2/3/1; perc; pno; strings

Pythagoras (1990)

Duration: 9:00
Instr: 2/2/3/2; 4/2/2/1; timp; perc; strings
Premiere: 1990, Nevilla Ottley, Takoma Park Symphony Orchestra, Takoma Park MD

The Reign of Anchaidepes (1981)

Duration: 16:00
Instr: 3/3/3/3; 4/3/3/1; harp; timp; perc; strings

Symphony in F Minor (1980)

Duration: 18:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; timp; perc; strings
Premiere: 1980, Jamie Kowalski, DC Youth Orchestra, Washington DC

Farloche, The (1979)

The score to this work has been lost

Duration: 4:00
Instr: 2/2/2/2; 4/3/3/1; perc; strings

Concert Band
Scherzo (1984)

Duration: 8:00

Celebration (1982)

Duration: 7:00

Application From Hell (1979)

Duration: 6:00

Brass Ensemble
Oyez (1990)

Duration: 7:00
Instr: 11 Brass + percussion
Premiere: 1990, Nevilla Ottley, Takoma Park Symphony Orchestra, Takoma Park MD

The Sin of Pride (1982)

Instr: Brass nonet and percussion

String Quartet
Three Koans (1989)
A Thought About KA
We Are Fine With Reduction
Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Duration: 12:30
Premiere: 1990, Curtis Chamber Art Soloists, CRS CD 9052

On Waking Alone (1983)

Duration: 5:00
Premiere: 1983, Oberlin OH

Andante and Allegro (1981)

Duration: 5:30

Wind Quintet
K�tzchen (1982)

Duration: 6:00

Misc. Chamber
Inertia and the Unfolding Tide (2007)

A Brief Symphony (2007), for 13 instruments

Revised 2012

Instr: 2 cl, 2 sax, hn, tba, vibes, pno, + string quintet

Layaway Heart (2006)

Inspired by a poem by the same title by Sass Brown.

Earthbound (2005)

Instr: Alto fl.; tpt, hn, tba; piano; perc

What (1988)

Duration: 5:30
Instr: Guitar duet

Time and Again (1984)

Instr: Three pianos
Premiere: 1984, Cathy Langridge, Ann Beard, ?, Oberlin OH

Prelude to a Burlesque (1983)

Airport Terror (1982)

Instr: Trumpet/Narrator, Piano
Premiere: 1983, Michael Angell, Jamie Kowalski, Oberlin OH

The Clay Pigeon (1982), Three Short Statements about Life in General

Duration: 6:00
Instr: Clarinet, horn, piano
Premiere: 1982, John Weaver, Jamie Kowalski, Ramona Matthews, Wash. DC

Solo Piano
Eggshell Dances (2009)

A set of four medium-difficult piano miniatures.

Firefly Etudes (2008)

Before I wrote these five short etudes, it had been over twenty years since I had officially released anything for solo piano. I was particularly inspired by the magnificent Garritan Authorized Steinway library that had just been released.

A Thought About KA (1985)

This was later incorporated into Three Koans as the first movement.

Duration: 3:30

A Waltz With Sandrine (1983)

Duration: 4:00
Premiere: 1984, Jamie Kowalski, Oberlin OH

Rhapsody on a War Poem (1982)

The score to this work has been lost

Duration: 4:00
Premiere: 1982, Jamie Kowalski, Wash. DC

The Mind Unchecked (Rhapsody #2) (1981)

Duration: 3:45
Premiere: 1981, Jamie Kowalski, Wash. DC

The Reign of Anchaidepes (Dance Suite) (1980)

The score to this work has been lost

Duration: 4:00
Premiere: 1982, Jamie Kowalski, Sofia Bulgaria (radio performance)

Rhapsody Interrogative (1979)

Duration: 4:00
Premiere: 1981, Jamie Kowalski, Wash. DC

Solo (Other)
Flux Intermix (1997)

Duration: 5:00
Instr: Guitar

A Poet's Revenge (1982)

Duration: 2:30
Instr: English Horn

Two Newsome Poems (1990)

Text by William Daniel Newsome

Instr: Alto, Piano

Keeping the Wolf from the Door (1983)

Text by Jamie Kowalski

Duration: 4:45
Instr: Alto, Violin, Cello, Piano
Premiere: 1983, Kathy Parsons, Oberlin Players, Oberlin OH